Monday, February 2, 2009

R U Listening?

Over the weekend I attended a youth rally with guest speaker Reggie Dabbs. He's a seasoned communicator with a passion for reaching young people. As I've been getting caught up on work today I've also been sifting through emails, blog posts, Scriptures and preparations for the week ahead.

Already a resounding theme has come through all that I've read and heard today. The prophets of God of our time are out there, but are we going to listen to them, or are we going to ignore them as Israel did? Will we repent and turn to God, or will we pay little attention and go on with business as usual?

There are great communicators and speakers in every field and industry...people who can inspire, teach, motivate, or sell you things you didn't even know you needed!

But God is the greatest communicator of them all...and there are prophets that God is speaking to through the Holy Spirit right now. Do you hear them? Are you listening?